About Me:

I am a Travel, Spa and Beauty  enthusiast.    What started out as a relaxing and pampering indulgence has grown in to more than a hobby, with me routinely seeking out and visiting great Spas around the world. My Motto truly is – “So Many Spas… So Little Time” I have a long list of spas I still want to visit “someday.”

Over the years I had collected a number of spas I wanted to visit “someday”.   I ripped pages out of magazines, so the next time I found myself planning a trip either to the spa or for some other reason; I had the information of a spa that I would go to. And year after year, I collected these spas, and year after year I went to the same spas over and over again.

About Love to Spa

I decided to take a look at my file folder of spas. The finance professional in me, started to do some data analysis and I saw that I had over 500 spas on my “someday” list. Even at the rate of 1 spa per week, (which I am not able to do, yet) it would still take me over 10 years to get to them all.

Now, I would gladly quit my job and devote myself to #SpaBucketList, but there is a little matter of paying for all these spa trips.  Until then, I created this website as a spa forum.  This is a place for me to share my experiences, and to also work on my Spa Bucket List.     I also welcome the comments of others who have been to the spa, even if I haven’t gotten there — YET.  My 500 or so spas are just the tip of the surface and I welcome additions to the list, or recommendations for my next spa visit. I also hope this site will provide resources and inspiration for others to Live Spa.

Hope to see you at a spa soon,