Friday Night Apps – Spa Style
March 31, 2017
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I love to eat good food.  Period.  We could just end the blog here.  So if some people think of the stereotypical “spa food” they may not think the two can go hand in hand.  But anyone who has been to any of the Destination Spas knows that you can get great food, spa-style.  Filet Mignon, yes!  Mashed potatoes, with Gorgonzola cheese, yes!  Pizza, yes!  Even a hamburger (ok Bison Burger) can be had at a spa.

Sample Lunch Menu from the Lodge at Woodloch. (PS, the crab roll is a favorite of mine)

To be spa-style of course, it is about preparing foods in the healthiest way possible.  Using lean meats, using healthier oils, maximizing the flavor and of course portion control is a MUST. Besides if you are having a spa treatment later, you don’t want those big massive portion sizes we are so used to.  Trust me.

Every time I visit a Destination Spa, and get to experience their meals, I am always jotting down notes on how I might make something similar back home, every day, irl. I try to bring those experiences and techniques into my regular meal planning.   And Friday night is no different.

Friday night.   I mean this is a time to celebrate making it through the week.   And Friday night screams Pizza night.  I know now as an adult, I can totally appreciate why Pizza was just a go to option for my parents on a Friday night.  And of course, as kids, my sister and I were always happy that it was Pizza!  Of course in spa-style, its not pizza, it is of course as we see elsewhere “Flatbread”.  😉

But some Fridays, its not pizza, but it’s something still just as good, just as convenient, and quick and easy and app style  (reminder, appetizer).   There is a local neighborhood restaurant with an app for fresh mozzarella, friend and serve with a tomato sauce.  I love it!

Now, when I decide to get serious about a Spa-Inspired Lifestyle, I bought almost every spa cookbook out there.  I was all for spa meals and menus to influence my usual meal prep and planning.  So as I am flipping through the Canyon Ranch cookbook, Nourish, I came across a recipe for Baked Mozzarella with Chunky Tomato Sauce.   A spa version of a great Friday night app!  Add in a small tossed salad, some good wine, and great company, and its the perfect way to end the week and kick-off the weekend.

Canyon Ranch Baked Mozzarella




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