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Live Spa Challenge
May 26, 2017
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Traveling, especially when you are not headed to a spa can be challenging on health and wellness routines.  I was traveling for work, and after a few weeks living out of a suitcase and long days and dinners with colleagues, I was definitely missing a spa-inspired lifestyle.  I wondered I could Live Spa even while traveling for work. Challenge Accepted! 

  1. Healthier Food Choices

    Breakfast Parfait and Lassos

One of the hardest things about traveling is that you are not able to control how your meals are prepared.  And every meal is more or less eaten out.  Depending on where you are, running to a local grocery store and getting some healthy staples to stock up in your room.  You can even get creative if you don’t have a refrigerator.  I kid you not, one time while in London, I could see that someone had stored some groceries out on the ledge outside the windowsill.

Veggie Omelet, Pineapple Slices and Watermelon Salsa


Another plus is now days most hotels have plenty of healthier options at their buffets.  I try to load up on fresh fruit and vegetables along with my protein at breakfast, so that as the day goes and meal options are perhaps less in my control, I know I have had a healthy start to the day.






2.   Juices 

Yes, sometimes you can even find fresh juices, and my favorite, some nice green juices.   While at a conference in Tampa, there was a mall connected to the hotel, and it had an athletic store across fromthe food court, and so as part of the store, they offered smoothies, and quinoa bowls and and all sorts of  juices.  I got may daily green juice while traveling.   And we know that I love a good green juice! Some hotels offer fresh juices too.



3.  Portion Sizes

Gnocchi with a Gorgonzola Sauce with Shrimp

Just to show you its not always health all the time..   I do indulge.  And yes, we have all gotten caught up at dinners with clients or colleagues and its easy to over indulge.   But if you pay attention to portion sizes, like they do at spas, you can enjoy the cuisine.





4. Outdoor Dining 

Places like Miraval and Mii Amo have outdoor dining options, and there is just something about dining outdoors.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact at the spas, its not fancy given you can dine in your robes.  I am not advocating that at a regular hotel 😉 but you can get outside.

Just having a little break from days spent in meetings, or conventions, it can be just a nice change of pace to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.


5. Nature’s Finest 

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are always key to living a spa-inspired lifestyle.   So are eating in season, and making use of the local produce.    I was amazed to find this set up at a hotel, the honeycombs had been removed from the beehive and set up, and  the honey would run down to a well where people could use it.  In tea, with fresh fruit , or yogurt and granola, or pastries, the possibilities are left to the imagination.



6. Natural Setting and Views 

Nature is always a part of the best destination spas, and even major hotel and resort spas, and they take advantage of spectacular views.   So, take some time to enjoy the views.  It doesn’t always have to be outside,  beautiful view from a window during winter is just as good.   And yes, sometimes it may only be of a pool, but a view that inspires relaxation and is enjoyable is really the whole point.


7.  Physical Activity 

A better hotel gym…

Its important to keep up with some physical activity while away.  Some hotels can have some pretty amazing gyms, but let’s face it, some can be downright awful.  In which case sometimes you just need to get creative.   If there is a pool, I take advantage of it.   I also like to make sure I can still get a yoga routine in, and so sometimes i will take a towel and put in on the floor in my hotel room and do some yoga.  Similarly, if you do programs that make use of body weight and resistance bands, you can stream those videos on a laptop or iPad and do those from the room.   And I always try to stay somewhere near where I need to be, so I can walk to work, or walk to dinner in the evening.  Anything to get a little bit of physical activity in.


8.  Relaxation 

When I am away at a spa, I find myself spending a lot of time journaling, and when I need a break from the introspection, I read.   I know the hotel furniture and decor may not be the greatest, but you can still curl up with a good book or spend some time journaling while you are traveling.

9.  Tea 

Almost every hotel room these days has a coffee maker, and you can always set it for hot water, and add your favorite tea that you bring with you.  A little cup of relaxation from home (or your favorite spa) that travels with you.


10.   And if you really need a spa treatment…

Chance are pretty good there is a hotel in the area with a spa.  It may even been at the one you are staying at.      Some hotel spas are good and others, not so much – I have written about these.  But you can also check out  a local day spa nearby that you can try.  I have traveled to plenty of places for work  — Singapore, Costa Rica, Boston, London, Tampa, Nashville, Las Vegas are just a few.  And at all of these places, I have been able to find a spa and get some relaxation time.   For some ideas, maybe even in a location your are visiting, check my #SpaBucketList.




The more I started looking for spa-inspired living, even while traveling, the easier it became to find other things.   What I realized is that more than anything, spas provide us with an opportunity to slow down, be present in the moment.  Looking for spa-inspired activities, or doing any of these activities forced me to be present in the moment and served as a welcome break form the hustle and bustle of traveling for work.   In reality its all about being mindful.

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