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Mandara Spa at the Swan and Dolphin Hotel (Orlando, FL)
March 24, 2017
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I was recently in Walt Disney World for a RunDisney event, (1/2 marathon, thank you very much).  So naturally I had to check out the spa scene while I was there.  Since I was staying at the Swan property (SPG member), I figured that I would go there.  I did notice that the spa on other Disney properties, was at the Fitness Expo doing disney themed manicures for the runners.  So maybe if I am back, I will check that out.

But back to Mandara.  I like the influence of other cultures and traditions that they bring in to their brand and their treatments.   If I can’t quite make it Bali (not yet anyway), I can at least bring some Bali to me, right?  At least that’s the idea.   I was scrolling through the spa menu for some options.  Now, right wrong or indifferent, I do tend to seek out longer massage durations, what can I say, my regular massage therapist spoils me with a minimum of 75 minutes (and I usually opt for 100 min…)

Temple Room

So, in the East meets West “New World Journey”, I found a 75 min massage with Coconut.  ( I have a thing for coconut, that I previously blogged about).   So, I had the Coconut Poultice Massage.  Although, I got to admit Poultice isn’t a word that really inspires me to get a message.  However, it really was a very relaxing massage, and well worth it in my opinion.

They use these little poultices, that you get to take with you  — I mean, really they aren’t going to use them again, but hey, I always love a parting gift.  😉

coconut poultice massage

I went back two days later, this time after the race, for a facial.  All the sweat, sunscreen, not to mention winter running leading up to the race, had left my skin in dire need of some TLC!  I might have been slow walking around, but my skin looked great despite the endurance test earlier that day.

I didn’t find Mandara to be the top of spa where you will relax the day away.  But then again, it is Disney and Orlando, so I am sure the average guest isn’t looking for that anyway.  But they had very few lounge chairs.  Most of the seating was regular chairs.   The Temple room is more relaxing and quiet then the main area where they tell you to wait for your therapist.  That area is in a center hallway with most of the treatment rooms on either side.  So its a little weird, you have people talking right out of the treatment rooms.  Although, I will say, being in the treatment room, I never heard the noises from the hall, so that is good thing.  But you do watch in real time the hustle and bustle of the changeover at the end of treatments, and yes a therapist or two drawing linens out.  I really don’t need to be reminded of laundry while I am spa-ing.

Temple Room

Which is also kind of funny, cause they were behind on the laundry of the locker rooms, because the attendance went through at least a good dozen lockers with me, before finding one that had a clean robe in it.  And forget about spa sandals, good thing I had on flip flops anyway.  Both times that I was there, the locker room stock of clean robes and sandals seemed to be an issue.  But it was a busy weekend, and i am sure I wasn’t the only runner hitting the spa up, so maybe its the exception, and not the norm?

But despite that, if you are in Disney, and need a little spa time, and really who doesn’t need a little spa time, even when or especially when in Disney?  And certainly if you have just run in one of their events, then I recommend Mandara as a great choice for a little spa time and post-run recovery.


Mandara Spa
Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotel
1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Tel: (407) 934-4SPA (4772)
Fax: (407) 934-4448

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