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New Year, New Vision
January 13, 2018
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Vision Boards can be pretty powerful things.   For me, I am completely a visual person.  Its how I learn.  I may not completely be able to recall something, but I can usually hone in on where on the page it was, what note I wrote, the picture, something that will aid in the recollection of the information.    I am also completely visual in the sense that if I see something, I want it!  Watching TV and i see them drinking wine (yes, Scandal, I am taking to you) and then next thing I know is I want some wine.   And don’t even getting me started about the office and the people who keep jars of candy on their desks.  In fact in a recent meeting with my boss, she had a cupcake, that just mocked me for the duration of the meeting.

It goes without saying that images are very powerful for me, and perhaps more so than words.   Therefore, if I am looking to achieve certain things, or through the law of attraction manifest some things, than it would serve that pictures would be the way to go for me.   And, I have to say, i have always loved a good collage.   Back in the early 2000’s, I was very big in collages, something I had picked up in the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.   Every new year, and birthday there would be a collage reflecting what I wished for the upcoming year.

Inspiring Image

Trendy Thrifting Blog

Even then, I was living spa, without fully noting it, because vision boards can be found as activities and classes at some spas.  In fact, I did that at Mii Amo once.  So by all means, collage away for a great vision board.    But, I was recently redoing my home office and I wanted a different look and style.   I was saving pins to my idea board on Pinterest, when I came across a DIY canvas Print from Trendy Thrifting.   Now she had these spectacular pictures of large canvas like prints for her living room.

Home Office with Inspiring Prints (aka Vision “Board”)

It got me thinking, what if I followed her guide, but instead of pictures of family, I used pictures that inspired me.  Sort of like an upscale and sophisticated  version of a vision board for my home office.  For this project, you can use any photos you have, or if you are looking for an image you don’t have, you can go searching for a high quality image.  For my spa inspired, photos, I ordered those off of a stock photo site, like   For photos and/or downloaded stock images, I then had them printed out at a local office store. From there, I followed the steps as out lined in the blog on Trendy Thrifting to adhere these pictures to large pre-cut sizes of foam board (insulation).    Now my offie has some inspiring images of the life I am working towards someday.   A place at the beach, a boat, and of course, spa-inspired living.

What do you want to focus on this year in 2018?   Think about a collage or even an art project for some DIY canvas prints to keep a visual reminder of want you want to achieve and you are well on your way to realizing it.   I hope you achieve what you want this year.

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